the lord’s boiler room

                                                                          Saint Patrick’s Church, Pittsburg, PA

parish founded in 1808.

built in 1936,

but there’s signs

that tell ignorant’s

not a eat or drink

while not sitting

on holy chairs.

black radiator

affixed to the wall,

covered by a praying

desk. i’m not sure

on the name, but it’s

the thing with the pillows,

metal structure that

a follower would

kneel upon to pray

out the window, or

to the black radiator.

calling for warmth in

the 87-cent notebook.

pages filled with blue

ink. saying, lord, thank

you for everything. thank

you for the warmth. they’re

thanking the wrong person.

the lord has a boiler room,

and the man giving them

warmth works in it.

checking dials.

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